Start Collecting Bitcoins .

Step 1 - Create Your Wallet

There are several great online Wallets available.

If you are too busy to search then sign-up now at coinbase.

Step 2 - Fill Your Wallet

Click on the "Start Collecting Bitcoins" in the top middle of your screen.

Submit your Wallet details/register on the site, solve and easy puzzle and click claim.

When you have completed your claim, click "NEXT Faucet" in the top middle of your screen.

Step 3 - Enjoy your Bitcoin

Think of Bitcoin as more than a virtual currency, it's more a commodity - like gold or diamonds.

You can exchange it for your local currency, hold on to it as it grows in value or shop with it online.

Earn even more Bitcoin with AngelBux PTC/GPT earnings option as we pay our members via PayPal and Bitcoin.